Epic Games will likely be releasing a Fortnite 60FPS update for Xbox One and PS4 consoles later this month.

The update will a different 60FPS mode on Xbox One X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro. In accordance with Epic, this mode “is tuned every console to maximise frame rate while minimizing reduction in visual quality”.

While not likely arriving later this month, other upcoming changes on the game include matchmaking improvements, more optimizations, additional customization options, and many more. We’ve included a few of the upcoming changes below:


When you play some Battle Royale, we desire time when you have the lobby to if you find yourself in the action to generally be as short as possible. We’re continuing to work on load time improvements to help you with that. You want a smoother in-game experience, and that we agree!

We are testing and bug fixing? improvements that performs better level streaming with less hitches. We’re getting close to having the capacity to test a major optimization to your networking code that should get us closer to running the server at a solid 20 Hz even just in a sluggish start the match.


Later this month we prefer to add an optional 60 FPS mode for Battle Royale on consoles (PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X). This 60 FPS mode is tuned for every single console to maximize frame rate while minimizing decrease in visual quality.


We will work on changes to matchmaking that happen to be targeted at creating matches using a more balanced distribution of skill.


The Art team may be working with a blast discovering cool suggestions for cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale. Because the holiday event we’ve enjoyed seeing town embrace outfits just like the Fort Knights and Disco Heroes.That trend towards more adventurous items continue.

Gliders deserve love too and we’ve begun operate on a pipeline that permits us to feature new model parts and materials for making more unique Gliders. At this point is one example that might pop in to the store soon!

Additionally, were focusing on new Outfits that change more of the model, the same as the way we created Raptor!

We need to read your comments! We like your ideas, and thanks to reddit user /u/Pandanapper the Llama Unicorn Pickaxe for that Brite Bomber is alive!

How about making exactly what you already own better yet? We’re thinking about previously released cosmetic items and finding tips on how to juice them up! One example is adding new visual effects on the Party Animal Pickaxe (using splashing animations).


Weekly updates, items, and features!

We’re continuing to prototype new weapons and consumables, and can roll them out as they’re ready. Additionally, we’re aiming to add different types of items down the line (beyond just weapons and consumables) which will allow for exciting new methods of play.

Next week i will be putting our first weapon (SMG) into your Vault. These weapons could return and that permits us to manage the weapon pool since we introduce newer weapons.

You in addition have helped to surface well being fixes, and here are a few for the narrow your search now are:

  • Improved building controls on console
  • Team Communication beyond voice chat
  • Ability to re-queue in the death screen
  • Ability to preemptively hold on the search button while approaching a searchable object
  • Display of precisely how much ammo is loaded right gun about the weapon widget
  • Larger map w/ zoom


We’ve been working on making that swap in between your weapon bar and your build bar feel more crisp. Making it simpler to swap between build pieces should you have moderate ping and


We’ve been hammering away at Little while Modes! Getting you multiple playlists (solo, duo and squads) during LTMs are at the top of the priority stack. Our company is using multiple data points (such as your feedback) to iterate our existing LTM’s and to build brand new LTM’s. We’ve been likely to quickly spin up several roughly LTMs, most of these can be more straightforward (e.g. along the lines of Sniper Shootout, Sneaky Silencer etc.). Furthermore use LTMs to try new Shooting Models.

Above/below footsteps have been implemented, and therefore different audio assets will play determined by another player’s position compared to you. These assets are filtered in accordance with real-world data to look like they’re on the floor above you compared to the floor below you.


Audio for placing structures may be redesigned to place more increased exposure of the “placement” of structures. Therefore if a farmer is rapidly approaching collectively building ramps nearly your tower, you’ll hear a stable “chunk, chunk, chunk” because they position the structures, extending to around the range of sprinting footsteps. I will be closely monitoring how this affects building, in offensive and defensive situations.

For Epic’s complete development update, we advise you see the post on Fortnite’s website.

Fortnite can be acquired cell phone . PC and consoles. The Battle Royale the main game is Free-to-Play, whilst the PvE component remains to be in paid early access, though expected to go F2P later at the moment.

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