Nexon, the South-Korean publisher of LawBreakers either way PC and PS4, has chimed in about the way ahead for the console business, and features confirmed that it’s be releasing more online console games in 2018 as well as the years ahead.

During you can actually hottest financial earnings call with investors, president and CEO Owen Mahoney, answered a concern with regards to the Nexon’s position inside console business in the years ahead following your ‘termination’ of Cliff Bleszinski’s LawBreakers recording.

“Over the longer term, 5yrs and many more ultimately we percieve probably a consolidation as well as integration between a number of differerent platforms, a few major platforms that you will find mobile, PC and console”, Nexon’s CEO answered.

“I also believe which the console publication rack thinking differently regarding their business than they were just a couple of years ago. And actually Nintendo was leading the way when you evaluate the switch concerning the understanding of bringing whatever employed to appear in cash room generate that portably along around. So my prediction, I haven’t got any particular insight, however i think that Sony and Microsoft are thinking about the console customers are otherwise than they did just a year or so ago. Quite a while ago they can talk about owning the living room, speculate we all believe there really isn’t a lounge anymore.”

Mahoney then continued by nevertheless he believes there’s ample chance online consoles games inside years ahead.

Apparently, Nexon lost quite an amount of money LawBreakers

“Getting to your question on console, I do think while waiting though in the more immediate term in the next three years, the console represents a large opportunity especially online games”, he explained.

“Console games had been primarily single player or group player games and many more plus much more there’s an opportunity inside the lounge room and thus there are that just as one opportunity its no wonder that we are going be bringing more games to console springing up in 2018 and beyond.

By exactly how one of the thing with that is, we do not the complete timing and we intend to watch it closely. We are not available of forecasting crazy down the road. After we were, we’d apt to be like all the others who forecast, since i think it’s very hard business to, but i am watching it closely and the near term the world thinks you will find a big opportunity in console.”

Back in January of your year, Nexon announced that LawBreakers can be cancelled because of disappointing sales and player numbers. The publisher blamed the insane success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the game’s failure.

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