The New Year already brought positive news to fans in the recent Necessity for Speed Payback. The developers briefly announced via Twitter that this latest entry in the renown racing game franchise would receive an online for free roaming mode this holiday season as a free DLC.

There is not a concrete date yet, though, since the mode is still actively being done anything about. Stay tuned in on Wccftech to know if this moves live.

Online Free Roam coming 2018, Happy Year from everyone at Requirement of Speed! ?

– Desire for Speed (@NeedforSpeed) January 1, 2018

Still being labored on, once it’s locked down, you’ll get your date.

– Require for Speed (@NeedforSpeed) January 1, 2018

Free to everyone.

– Desire for Speed (@NeedforSpeed) January 1, 2018

Need for Speed Payback launched for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 10th, 2017. Nathan rated it 7 from 10 as part of his review while offering the following summary:

Need for Speed Payback is often a well-designed sandbox that’s at its most entertaining after you ignore what’s supposed to be the core of the game. The storyplot is usually a dud, plus the game’s Ultimate Team-inspired upgrade strategy is an endeavor to make a square peg towards a round hole, but there is no denying tearing down desert roads at 180 mph in the souped-up 1965 Mustang can be a blast. Desire for Speed Payback can be a fun joyride, even so it doesn’t quite manage across the long run.

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