2017 has a lot to live on up to. Honestly, too much. I declared, last year, that 2016 would be a golden year to your genre. This is certainly something that I stick by as the quantity of those games still steal provide power to my own time presently. However, this is simply not about 2016. We have now to leave our shovels, don our Fedora’s and find the (recent) past.

As the resident general of Wccftech, I have got the distinct pleasure of revealing the perfect strategy games of 2017. Only titles which are released are up for consideration and thus, titles at the begining of access are disqualified. Also, make sure you check our most anticipated strategy games of 2018.

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III (8/10)

Subgenre: Real Time Strategy. Platform: PC.

This could be the to begin three titles from SEGA to feature on the market at the moment. Around not too long ago, as i enjoyed a hands-on with Dawn of War III, I knew it was will be great. Within my unique review, I cover how Dawn of War III certainly isn’t revolutionary, nevertheless it learns on the past. Eschewing the full Real-Time Tactics design of Dawn of War II, the return of base building and grand battles sets this iteration apart.

While not even close to perfect, with a campaign that can feel as though a slog. Missions will continue and become more an obstacle to the enjoyment than actually give you a good time. This is particularly and whenever you see the necessities to unlock more units is produced by skulls obtained of these missions. However, multiplayer also permits you to obtain skulls.

That was seemingly Relic’s primary focus, multiplayer. Just what a fantastic multiplayer mode it truly is. Wild, intense and pitched battles in excess of make amends for some of the game’s shortcomings. Using a wide selection of units, all well-balanced, the video game stays engaging and adds up to just about the most entertaining strategy games around. It returns Dawn of War towards tense, engaging and entertaining spectacle it once was.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 (Official Site)

Subgenre: Real Time Strategy. Platform: PC.

Of the many strategy games released around, Steel Division was probably the most interesting. Publishers Paradox Interactive are quite recognized for their role within the strategy genre, bringing arguably one of the most detailed strategy games around available as Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and Crusader Kings. Via Developers Eugen Systems (R.U.S.E, Wargame series), there was clearly numerous pedigree entering into the overall game.

Steel Division strives to evolve the rock, paper, scissors that pervades traditional RTS games. And also this with interesting features just like the psychological effects on units. Explosions start happening around units, they’re naturally intending to take cover. Exactly how this differs using titles is when stress impacts different units. Vehicles normally takes orders, on a risk, and can naturally slowly retreat backwards. Infantry, on the flip side, will freeze, take cover and grow struggle to return fire.

Of course, it’s not a lot more advanced than other games stress systems. Steel Division enhances this by increasing what might experienced units will take, making the worries system even more dynamic. It truely does work more desirable when with the territory control system as you push top line. This enables for more advanced tactics, the capture of enemy units and more.

Combat around the battlefield in Steel Division takes the format that Eugen Systems have built and improved it into a polish. The mediocre at best campaign is usually a let-down, primarily as a result of how boring it can be. Thankfully, this is certainly redeemed by the most effective multiplayer modes offered in an approach game, one on an extremely grand scale the reason is systems support fantastic emergent stories. Patiently waiting in a tiny village, drawing enemy fire as being a distraction as you amass a greater assault. Of course, Steel Division: Normandy 44 serves as essentially the most engaging RTS games around.

Endless Space 2 (8.5/10)


Subgenre: 4X. Platform: PC.

Sega strikes again, with Amplitude delivering one more excelllent game in their Endless Universe. Where Endless Space 2 diverted through the first, and also other spacefaring 4x games, is definitely how accessible things are. Endless Space 2 is one of the most inclusive games from the type around and manages this without losing any one of the complexity that comes with the genre or setting.

It wasn’t completely without issues. Following seven months noisy . Access, Endless Space 2 didn’t launch with virtually no criticism. Some players still dealt with some bugs here and there. Personally, i experienced that which was an article breaking bug when. Thankfully, patches have improved on which has been a wonderful game.

Now, if you happen to jump into Endless Space 2, you’ll encounter an option game with a bit of of the most effective storytelling around. Quests and missions work perfectly together with the strategy, politics and eventual conflicts that appear in the galaxy. The only part that doesn’t have the depth or personality are classified as the hero characters which have been interchangeable and eventually forgettable. Minor qualms aside, this really is arguably the best space-based 4x strategy game available today.

Expeditions: Viking (8/10)

Subgenre: Turn-based Tactics, Role-playing Game. Platform: PC.

Expeditions: Viking could effortlessly go in a choice top-notch Strategy or RPG report on the age. Computerized devices shine could be the mixture off both. It began with a large share of bugs, that i was always fairly lucky to prevent, but couldn’t be ignored. Fortunately, developers Logic Artists have tied to the video game and glued almost all of what ailed the sport, letting it to show just what it offers.

What there is is a fantastic combined fantastic injury care which utilizes the detailed world and character building to earn a compelling world for more information on. Use the position within the head of your respective clan, increase, survive and thrive. While you explore the modern world, you should also observe the consequences of the choices. Can you show mercy, potentially gaining a friend or only allowing an opponent to send back again? Have you been a bloodthirsty tyrant, likely reducing range of followers but ensuring just the strong survive.

The RPG system merges when using the tactical combat well. For your party grows closer, morale raises. This directly impacts characters in battle, remarkable ability to square more and more difficult challenges. And the opposite, because case can be, once they disagree together with your choices. Your have an effect on the modern world runs throughout and adds up to an incredibly engaging and atmospheric game.

Total War: Warhammer II (9.5/10)

Subgenre: Grand Strategy. Platform: PC.

This is SEGA’s third and arguably best title on the market. It’s also an indication how the folks at Creative Assembly definitely determine what they actually. Anybody might have had misgivings when Total War: Warhammer II was announced. An extra total war game released just a year following your previous one, surely not? Fortunately, any concerns were swiftly offer bed.

Where Total War: Warhammer II truly shines is when it built upon the primary. Smart the fairly traditional armies of your humans, vampires and Dwarves, we now have the adorable (?) Skaven and fearsome Lizardmen. Utilising the Warhammer setting are some things this series desperately needed plus it truly went for it on this game. There’s a fantastic spectacle in watching a dinosaur, riding a straight bigger dinosaur, facing on some giant lab-created monstrosity.

I can’t say considerably more than the way i finished my review: “For beginners, Total War: Warhammer II is probably the most accessible titles within the franchise yet. Something more, it hasn’t lost the degree of strategy and tactics which will make the video game great. The directed campaign works as the perfect feeder point to your franchise thus far. While Total War: Warhammer II continues to have a few of the minor issues and annoyances, especially the campaign AI plus the chance to game the economy, Total War has not been this good.”

The Year in Review and Special Mentions

2017 will not be a very standout year for the genre. It is not to suggest it is often a negative year though, their list is proof as a result that. A handful of titles are actually exceptional. Moreover, a number of from my anticipated list with the year haven’t already been released. Although it will not be thought about in the same light as 2016, it certainly had its highs.

What I’ve noticed is that often most titles have avoided being downright terrible. Whilst it may be argued that some were pretty poor. Valkyria Revolution to give an example was poorly received, though our own Kai rated it highly. Other games like Sudden Strike 4, Oriental Empires and Constructor HD had mixed receptions.

Overall, SEGA has rapidly established itself when the go-to publisher of proper Strategy games. For twelve years they’ve owned Creative Assembly, however the purchasing Relic in 2013 and Amplitude this past year has seen the culmination in this push. This coming year alone has witnessed three outstanding titles in Endless Space 2, Dawn of War III and Total War: Warhammer 2.

There have, certainly, been other strong titles not mentioned above. I’d like to talk about every one of them, even so simply can’t. Below are a few other strategy titles which have been well worth checking out:

  • Tooth and Tail (Official site)
  • Halo Wars 2 (7.5/10)
  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (7.8/10)
  • Stars in Shadow (7/10)
  • Aztez (Official site)
  • Field of Glory II (Official site)
  • Distrust (Official site)

If I’ve missed anything, you can grab your pitchforks and roast me down within the comments. As long as you’re at it, be sure and tell me that is certainly your top strategy bet on 2017. Until we meet again around the battlefield, use a happy new year.

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