KING Art Games is making progress on Iron Harvest, the best time?RTS game emerge the alternate 1920+ universe manufactured by?Jakub R?alski. Although the game will never be ready before 2019, the German studio known for The Book of Unwritten Tales, Battle Worlds: Kronos and many recently The Dwarves has shared a slidemovie updated showcasing the impressive destruction physics which is the gameplay’s foundation.

Details for the game are fairly scarce, the developers confirmed you will encounter an offer. They’ve also already commented on the few tweaks to be made, just like explosions shaking more dirt, vegetation and perhaps the digital camera to ensure they are feel more intense. The complete fledged gameplay video needs to be obtainable in our next several months, so stay tuned.

The Setting

1920+ is definitely an alternate type of our own world made by Polish artist Jakub R?alski. In early Last century, tradition clashes with progress, plus the world remains full of mysteries and secrets.

The Game

After World War 1 farmers found various unexploded ordnance, barbed wire, weapons, shrapnel and bullets while ploughing their fields. They referred to it as the Iron Harvest.

Iron Harvest is actually a real-time strategy game (RTS) for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, from the alternate reality of 1920+.

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