Unity 2017.3 is accessible mobile phone . developers all over the world, delivering a remarkable assortment of improvements in general.

Xbox One X gamers are going to be particularly content to understand that Microsoft’s new console has become officially supported in most Unity 2017 versions on the engine. Furthermore, the increasingly popular dynamic resolution feature currently is available for the Xbox One platform, compared to other platforms caused by become that will work with it at a later date.

Xbox One X Support

We added support for that new Xbox One X console from Microsoft. Use Quality Settings permit support for 4K HDR rendering, or operate the extra power in various ways including improving framerate or increasing graphical fidelity. Xbox One X support is supplied in all 2017.x versions of Unity.

Graphics improvements

There currently is support for HDR compressed lightmaps (BC6H) on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We all made a range of GPU instancing improvements, and we’re adding Dynamic Resolution being an engine feature debuting over the Xbox One platform compared to other platforms to follow along with later.

Dynamic Resolution debuting on Xbox One platform

As its name suggests, Dynamic Resolution describes dynamically scaling some or the many render targets to relieve workload around the GPU. Dynamic Resolution might be triggered automatically when performance data suggests that the overall game is about to drop frames due to being GPU bound. When this occurs, gradually scaling around the resolution might help have a solid frame rate. It’s also triggered manually in case the user is going to experience a particularly GPU intensive element of gameplay. If scaled gradually, Dynamic Resolution can be virtually unnoticeable.

Two Unity powered games that might effectively use Unity 2017 to provide Xbox One X support are the recently announced Antigraviator?anti-gravity racing game and also the gorgeous action/adventure RPG Ghost of the Tale, now available via Game Preview.

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