Kodi, the widely used free media player, finally landed on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Many of the interesting because Kodi began its journey on the first Xbox a long time ago when it was called Xbox Media Center (XBMC).

It need to be noted that the build isn’t final yet and currently there are many missing features in comparison with Kodi on PC, as an example. Below you will find a more in depth write-up about it from your developers.

What could be the current limits?

What it is best to really understand and maintain remembering can it be remains at the beginning of development and?has very rough edges, aren’t as stable because regular version and can even be missing some functions. Mainly because of the nature of how UWP works our hands are tied in some areas. Certain parts usually are not even finished yet and our developers will always be working on configuring it nearly the totally normal standard. Right now there’s limited use of only what’s element of your Video and Music folders. Network support is restricted only to NFS:// shares. No accessibility to Blu-ray drive to get started the disc or perhaps attached storage drive. There might nevertheless be failures of certain general python modules which can be employed by add-ons and we’re finding and reporting these people to the developers as testing progresses. I am sure there’s more that might not serve as intended yet then there’s many features it merely will need quite some time to talk about them. We cannot promise as extend we could get every feature being the treatment depends about what can be purchased to us developers.

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