PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a hell of the 2017, and it looks like its momentum is going to carry appropriate to the year. This morning the ultra-popular shooter surged over 3 million concurrent players (3,106,358 to remain exact) on Steam, undeniable the titular PlayerUnknown (aka?Brendan Greene)?was all too prepared to boast about.

OVER 3 MILLION!! Thank you all for helping us reach this amazing milestone! GG WP everybody <3


3 million concurrent players is definitely an astounding number, but it surely isn’t an surprising one. PUBG stormed past A million concurrent players in September and a pair of million in October C passing 3 million almost appeared like an inevitability. To get these numbers in context, Steam’s second-most popular game, Dota 2, has never meant it was past 1.3 million concurrent players. So, the way far could PUBG go? The game’s developers have predicted they will hit 100 million copies sold, after which, Ten million (or higher) concurrent players can occur. Right this moment, this reveals too plausible.

Today also saw PUBG pass another, less commendable, milestone C as outlined by anti-cheat company BattlEye, PUBG has gotten the ban hammer down an incredible 1.5 million times. You are aware of you’re successful when you have rejected more players than most games have total sales.

Update to the number of PUBG bans: 1,500,000.

– BattlEye (@TheBattlEye) December 28, 2017

For individuals that sometimes have already been trapped by using an island over the past year, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds may be a large-scale multiplayer deathmatch inspired by movies including the Hunger Games and Battle Royale. 100 players are dropped onto hawaiian isle without weapons or equipment and have to collect resources and eliminate opponents in order to become the past person standing. Yesterday, PUBG 1.0 was finally released on PC, which helped rocket the experience beyond daylight hours $ 30 million units sold mark.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on PC as well as in early access form on Xbox One.

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