Have you been meaning to test Microsoft’s Netflix-like Xbox Game Pass streaming service, but can’t quite bring yourself to pony in the $10 fee every month? Well, nice thing about it, cheapskates! For one more 2 weeks, Microsoft offers every thirty days of Xbox Game Pass for less than $1. A lot better, for any $1 Game Pass subscription purchased or gifted, Microsoft will donate $10 to GameChangers, a charity that will help improve the lives of youngsters with life-threatening illnesses.

Over 100 Xbox One and System games are offered through Game Pass (explore the full list here), and Microsoft will likely be adding 10 new games in January. Like for example , Bayonetta, NBA Playgrounds, Injustice: Gods In our midst, Devil May Cry 4 SE, Fuzion Frenzy, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Deadlight: Director’s Cut, Zoo Tycoon, WRC 5: World Rally Championships, and Tecmo Bowl Throwback. A good lineup! Look into the official Microsoft rundown of all games, below:

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

January sees by adding Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, one more installment in Capcom’s exciting franchise. This is certainly most decidedly not just a button masher. In case you have played the previous Devil May Cry games, then you already know DmC needs a challenging mixture of strategic defense and powerful attacks. Combat grand enemies, solve puzzles, and collect items since you look to topple the transaction in the Sword.


If you happen to be fan of hack-n-slash games, January is even more nice because Sega’s classic hit Bayonetta is joining the Xbox Game Pass catalog at the same time! Adopt the part of Bayonetta, a shapeshifting witch with dual sidearms and hair that carries a chance to eat angels. Yes, angels. Bayonetta has awoken without having any memory, but she sure can fight. Combat in Bayonetta is highly rated, tasking you with using a combination of kicks, punches, and weapon strikes to adopt down foes large and small (and then there couple of very big enemies in this particular adventure). Assemble the ideal combo and watching it unfold for your enemy’s face.

NBA Playgrounds

Toss it and throw it down! NBA Playgrounds is joining Xbox Game Pass this January and we all was not able to become more excited to jump into the fast-paced, high-flying action. Saber Interactive has a really fun and addictive arcade expertise in Playgrounds, this includes all 30 NBA franchises (as well as Supersonics!) with an incredibly deep (and dare we are nostalgic) stable of more than 300 current and former NBA players.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Superhero fans rejoice! January delivers one of the more engaging fighting games within the 360 generation in Warner Bros.’ Injustice: Gods Of us. Have a complex saga in story mode, or decide on one of 24 legendary DC characters, including Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman and defeat all opponents either solo, online, or through local play for quite a few old style, couch competition.

Fuzion Frenzy

Break from the party pants because Fuzion Frenzy, an Xbox Original and another of the greatest party games ever to grace the woking platform, is due Xbox Game Pass in January. Released on Xbox One in October over the Backward Compatibility program, Fuzion Frenzy delivers four-player action across over 40 different mini-games. Select from one of six characters and jump into Mini-Game Frenzy mode or handle Tournament mode and compete for the appropriate to conquer each zone and reign supreme over your family members as the Fuzion Frenzy champion.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

In November, we had been thrilled to get Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain to Xbox Game Pass. Lots of our members have jumped in play MGS V initially, and there are more took the opportunity to revisit the incredible connection with that game. Now, we’re giving members enable you to find out about what led to The Phantom Pain’s storyline along with the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. That is set in 1975, subsequent to the conclusion of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, you resume the part of Snake and are generally tasked with rescuing two key hostages from Camp Omega.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut

Seattle, 1986. You will be Randall Wayne, zombie apocalypse survivor plus a man on the mission to find his family. This is actually the gritty plot behind Deadlight: Director’s Cut, Tequila Works’ incredibly engaging cinematic survival platformer. Zombies these are known as Shadows in Deadlight, and at your discretion to guide Randall in the infested streets of Seattle. The Shadows is usually defeated, but combat incorporates a danger of death in Deadlight, so be aware in deciding while you taunt them into battle. Collect hidden items just like you proceed through the tale and find out more about Randall, his family, along with the tragedy which includes befallen this apocalyptic purgatory.

Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection

Do you receive the urge to walk via a beautiful zoo, soaking up stunning creatures hailing from all over the world? If that’s so, movie luck, because the recently re-released Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection is going to land in Xbox Game Pass. Fully remastered in 4K with HDR support, Zoo Tycoon has added quite a number of new animals from Australia and The philipines. Rooted within the same spirit since the original Zoo Tycoon from 2001, there’s never been a more rewarding time for you to take pleasure in the rich visuals and number of activities Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection has to offer.

WRC 5: World Rally Championship

Racing fans, we’ve something great traveling to Xbox Game Pass for you personally this month likewise! WRC 5: World Rally Championship, a vibrant rally racing game featuring 50 plus officially licensed teams and drivers, also reaches Xbox Game Pass this January. With stages from 13 different countries, WRC 5 is a deep experience that offers a lot of challenge while remaining effortless to find and fun to the more casual rally racers in our midst. Start the driver’s seat and kick up some mud whilst you start the own rally racing dynasty!

Tecmo Bowl Throwback

Finally, i am pumped to include Tecmo Bowl Throwback to Xbox Game Pass in January. Throwback stays in keeping with its roots, with the exact same exciting, top-down arcade experience as Tecmo Super Bowl, arguably the maximum arcade football game of all-time. Throwback rosters are fully customizable so you’re somewhat elbow grease off from building out your favorite pro, college, or dream football team.

So, you recruit a month of the means to access over 100 games for up to free, and get to feel great about assisting sick kids contained in the bargain? This really is the best gaming amount of the season. You’ll be able to become a member of Xbox Game Pass right here.

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