With the christmas season approaching fast, several games are now being updated appropriately. GTA Online’s Southern San Andreas area, by way of example, is already coated in the snowstorm that should last “the next few days”; players can get in the mood and grab snowballs?through striking the D-pad’s left button (or G over the keyboard should you be on PC) get started on the ever-popular pastime of throwing snowballs to everyone passing by.

Rockstar also announced that by logging into GTA Online within the Holiday week you’ll receive plenty of gifts, applying five free liveries for your new Benefactor Streiter (see below) car that you could buy, a “celebratory Christmas Eve present” plus a free?Albany Hermes Muscle Car for logging in on Monday December 25th (Christmas day).

Moreover, you will find a ton more of traditional content being added onto the video game originating in two new cars, a whole new mode or a Snapmatic contest. Check the whole thing out below.

In an enormous amount of compromise, the?Benefactor Streiter?sends an apparent message C that despite what your lawyer says, you won’t always have to stay. A superb combination of sleek aesthetics and raw 44 power, the Streiter is usually an all-purpose Sports class vehicle which takes city and country life to use mile-eating stride without trouble. Pick yours up at?Southern San Andreas Super Autos today.

Remember when a road legal coupe could moonlight as being a performance rally car with no one batted watch? Back before power windows and satellite radio, when it was only you, the vehicle and also the road. The?Ubermacht Sentinel Classic?will be the no-nonsense, lightweight bucket of speed you have been having dreams about and here to rocket your ass returning to the glory days. Grab yours today, exclusively from?Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


Land is a very valuable asset of all therefore you cannot afford allowing any wannabe invaders encroach upon yours.?Occupy?is the latest accent GTA Online, where victory is obtained by securing and holding capture zones all over the map and heading off the circling vultures on the other hand team. Additionally, it is pretty crucial to find out what you’re doing by using a flying attack bike, along with get distracted; whichever team holds more zones will gain points faster additionally, the first team to strike whatever target score wins the round. Time and energy to see nobody runs this town. Jump into?Occupy?now and produce?Double GTA$ & RP?through January 8th.


Snow can be in the forecast but for many people you can not allow it to become rain. Luckily to suit your needs, we’re discounting a suite of business properties and vehicles to ensure you be getting the most value for your money.


  • Arcadius Business Center C 30% off
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 C 30% off


  • Yachts C 30% off?(All models)
  • Pegassi Zentorno C 30% off


  • Armored Karin?Kuruma C 30% off (both Purchase it Now & Trade?price)
  • Nagasaki Buzzard C 30% off
  • HVY Insurgent C 30% off (both Buy It Now & Trade?price)


Push the throttle towards the max to earn big payouts with this week’s scheduled Premium Race and Time Trial events.

December 19th C 25th

  • Premium Stunt Race?C “H200” (Locked to Sports)
  • Time Trial?C “Sawmill”

December 26th C January 1st

  • Premium Stunt Race?C “Double Loop” (Locked to Super)
  • Time Trial?C “Cypress Flats”

Launch Premium Races with the Quick Job App on the GTA Online in-game phone or using the yellow corona at Legion Square. The very best three finishers will earn GTA$ and you’ll get Triple RP irrespective of where you set. To have an attempt at the moment Trial, set a waypoint for the marker with your in-game map and enter through purple corona. Beat par a serious amounts of you will end up duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP payouts.


If you place fire to Del Perro Pier wore a Gingerbread Bodysuit while your pal launched fireworks in your nether regions however it wasn’t captured on camera, did it really happen? Take advantage of your raucous holiday antics simply by entering the?#FESTIVESURPRISE2017Snapmatic Contest. Tag your pics with?#FESTIVESURPRISE2017?on Social Club for being qualified to receive certainly one of five GTA$1,000,000 rewards. Valid submissions have to be uploaded and tagged on Social Club any time between today and 11:59 PM ET on Monday, January 1st. Winners of both this?#FESTIVESURPRISE2017?contest and the recent #DOOMSDAY Snapmatic contest are going to be announced together from the New Year.

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