Cuphead has been a hit with critics, picking up stellar reviews plus a trio of trophies at The Game Awards 2017, yet are regular gamers as into your classic cartoon action? It appears to be they can be, as Cuphead developer StudioMDHR have announced their game has gone double platinum:

“Hello friends! Much in our shock and amazement, we are able to announce that Cuphead has sold over Two million copies across all platforms. During our wildest dreams, we never thought our crazy little characters can be embraced written by this many fans from around the world and we are continuously humbled through your support. So, to everyone who may have drawn fan art, composed memes, performed songs, conquered challenge runs, streamed their playthrough, or simply just played our game along with a fun time, we like to and appreciate all of you from your bottom of the hearts.”

Cuphead surpassed 2million copies in mid-October, which implies it sold another million during about a couple of months. Seems the bingo has some legs – old-timey rubber hose cartoon legs. Reported by SteamSpy, approximately 1.2million copies of Cuphead were adore with Steam, meaning the video game is most popular on PC, despite being heavily promoted for an Xbox One console exclusive.

Wccf’s Rosh Kelly loved Cuphead’s sense of style, but warned the hard-as-nails game is probably not for you within the review:

“[Cuphead’s] animation, soundtrack and atmosphere are generally just outstanding. This would possibly not be considered a game for everybody. Whether or not this were a platformer, even a challenging one, I’d be quicker to recommend it, however, not everyone will be enthralled with a number of boss battles. But when you if you would like imaginative boss fights, buy luck with Cuphead. Make absolutely certain you’re all set to die C a great deal.”

Cuphead is actually located on PC and Xbox One.

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