Psychonauts 2, the 2nd entry while in the series produced by Double Fine, is not going to launch batch that we get as originally announced.

In the latest update within the game’s Fig page, the has confirmed that Psychonauts 2 will release beyond 2018, as more development time is needed as a result of game’s scope.

We have now ramped up into full production mode! We’ve got five full level teams working on the real world locations and brand spanking new mental worlds, along with our full gameplay team implementing powers, platforming, puzzles, and combat.- all kinds of great stuff!

Now were in full swing, we understand much more concerning the size and scope from the game let us make, how long it takes us to restore, and also the length of time we should cause it to do well. From those projections we realize that Psychonauts 2 will never be shipping in 2018, like we originally estimated when we published the Fig campaign a couple of years ago.

We love the action we’re making and now we should make sure Psychonauts 2 is one area you’ll love too – a game title that carries on the legacy of Psychonauts inside of a meaningful and special way. We’re making great progress, but we should make sure the game has got the which it must shine.

We’re sorry that you’ll have to have to wait a little longer than we first estimated, but we’re also hopeful that you’ll be aware of it implies having the capability to generate a better game. We’re really serious about what exactly we’re making, and then we can’t wait to express these for you!

Psychonauts 2 launches on PC and consoles using a not confirmed release date. We’ll help you stay updated to the game without delay, so stay tuned for more for all the latest news.

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