New screenshots are now out for Monster Hunter World, the newest entry while in the series launching in around a month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and so on a not confirmed date on PC.

The new screenshots, that you can get below, concentrate on a number of the game’s non-playable characters, quests for instance Bounties, the Guild Card, this includes important stats and is fully customized plus much more.

Later now, PlayStation 4 owners can have fun with the Monster Hunter World open beta, running from December 22nd until December 26th. Outside beta’s submissions are a similar from the PlayStation Plus exclusive beta.

Quests: The beta features 3 quests across 2 environments through the game. Inside the Ancient Forest, you may hunt a fierce yet beginner-friendly Great Jagras or to be a more knowledgeable player confront the mighty threat of any Anjanath. While in the Wildspire Waste, a huge, dry expanse with swamplands, you are able to face off from the intermediate level mud-slinging Barroth.

Rewards: Together with an unquantifiable number of fun, complete each quest and you’ll get some useful bonus components in all of the game! Just be certain you employ the same Sony Entertainment Network account for each beta plus the full game.

Additional Notes: Each quest can be carried out solo or with as many as three other players online, and therefore are capable of pick from 14 different weapon types depending on your selected playstyle, which you’ll want to now change during quests at camp. That may experiment with each of them before venturing out for a quest by going to the series’ all-new Training Room, included in the beta! Potions and various supplies might be provided on quests throughout the beta, but you’ll want to fetch your very own drinks and food outside the game for everyone long gameplay sessions.

Monster Hunter World launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th. Laptop computer version will launch on a not yet been confirmed date.

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