PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for so few, is already breaking records on Xbox One with its thousands of players in just 48 hrs since launch.

That said, the reception on consoles has long been mixed as you would expect on the subject of the standard of this port. It’s not due to the core gameplay loop, needless to say, which includes already been shown to be astoundingly successful on PC and it ‘s still even on console.

However, you will find severe intricacies cover anything from poor performance (especially on Xbox One), input lag, clunky control system plus much more. The graphics are disappointing, too, with several low-resolution textures presented and a lot of pop-in issues.

PLAYERUNKNOWN himself, known in person as Brendan Greene, appeared around the official Mixer livestream?to share with you the launch on?Microsoft’s console and briefly addressed the state the adventure on Xbox One.

This will be the addition of the road for many people. We’re at the outset of the adventure Preview and in case you look in the videos during Pre-Alpha, the game was rough on PC then.

It’s slightly rough, right, but we want to work in the next coming months using the community, with Microsoft and polish it well and extremely make game run as smooth as possible across all consoles.

Some might mention that “a little rough” is reasonably the understatement from PLAYERUNKNOWN concerning today’s state of PUBG on Xbox One, but performing use a point while he states that at the beginning of Steam Early Access the game was rough, too, there are been significantly improved since.

PUBG is because of go continue to exist PC in a mere four days from now, while it is unclear yet just how long it will take for Bluehole to realize version 1.0 on Xbox One. A bigger factor might be how much quicker the developers can help the performance and also the other conditions, anyway.

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