Eidos Montral Head of Studio David Anfossi recently said that the will shift towards building online experiences for their game, making some think that the will stop creative the single-player games they can be noted for. It won’t are the way it is.

Further elaboration his statement, David Anfossi clearly stated how Eidos Montral just isn’t abandoning single player games.

Nobody said we stop trying the narrative single player games; and this is what we love to to carry out. Where do you read that?! ?

– David Anfossi (@DavidAnfossi) December 15, 2017

The reason they’ll build online experiences of their future games is they should try something mroe challenging, but this won’t stop them from doing what they’ve got always done. Additionally, it appears as if more news regarding a new single player game will probably be out soon.

I understand. As creatives we have to try today’s truck owner to stimulate us; but we’re not able to deny what we’ve implemented to build @EidosMontreal

– David Anfossi (@DavidAnfossi) December 15, 2017

Stay tuned if you love strong action adventure games ??

– David Anfossi (@DavidAnfossi) December 15, 2017

Last week, Director of Online Technology Sbastien Bessette also commented about the team’s new focus.

On the tech side, we’re lifetime empower our content creators and promote an iterative game creation process. To do this, we’ve created an engineering strategy that greatly encourages communication between business friends, allowing us to efficiently design, implement, and test our game architecture.

We’re also structuring the DAWN engine, our proprietary technology, to interface with modern online solutions, that provides us a chance to benefit from existing technologies. Most of these efforts unify our teams towards a unitary goal, that being to supply the most effective on the internet experience in our players.

Eidos Montral is currently working with Crystal Dynamics in order to obtain a match depending on the Avengers.

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