What’s next to your Battlefield franchise? Adopting the success of Battlefield 1, the series skipped 2017, however it’s a fairly safe bet something big is on its way in 2018. Recently, word spread that your Battlefield: Bad Company sub-series might be getting a return, but those rumors have since been cast into doubt.

According to Eurogamer, sources near to Battlefield developer DICE say Bad Company 3 has become considered, even so the game isn’t currently in development. The very first way to obtain the unhealthy Company 3 rumors, YouTuber AlmightyDaq, remains partially prepared his story, saying you will find a pair of Battlefield games within the works:

“There are two games. I’m mindful that DICE Sweden’s game is WWII. That is what my next video is about. The [Bad Company game] I leaked is [being made by] DICE LA.”

According to AlmightyDaq, DICE Sweeden’s Wwii game are going to be our 2018 Battlefield entry. Bad Company 3, which can be supposedly set in the Vietnam War, is targeting some part further down the line. DICE LA once were responsible for Medal of Honor and EA’s Lord of your Rings games, playing with the past few years and may a backup studio, developing DLC for DICE Sweden’s games. If Bad Company 3 is real (which is still an enormous “if”), it will be interesting to discover the way that they handle the whole Battlefield game.

For the record, AlmightyDaq was among the first to leak info on Battlefield 1’s setting, which describes why individuals are taking current information from him seriously. We’ll observe his credibility supports.

What will be the exactly what it Battlefield possibly here we are at Second world war? It will feel somewhat “me too,” however, Battlefield did WWII first C Battlefield 1942 arrived in 2002, yearly prior to when the original Cod. So, Battlefield recently as much of your claim towards the era.

Battlefield 1 is presently situated on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game’s third expansion, Turning Tides, began rolling out on December 11.

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