It appears how the PUBG Xbox performance is often improved for both Xbox One X and Xbox One by switching off the console’s Game DVR capturing feature.

As posted by Reddit user ‘Kiwigreen69 ‘ on the PUBG Xbox One subreddit, switching off the console’s Game DVR/Capturing feature greatly enhances the framerate hanging around. Users which have tried this out are reporting noticable differences for Xbox One as well as Xbox One X.

“Dude. This?drastically?improved the sport on Xbox One X. I instantly noticed a vast improvement in the menu, load soon enough, fps (parachute sequence is still choppy), and strangely enough it seems like the draw distance has improved a bit“, one user replied.

Update: Reddit user ‘LoadedGull’ writes how the slow stock storage in the Xbox You are the cause of the game’s performance on Micrsoft’s console, and disabling DVR will make a huge difference:

Slow storage is a culprit. Source; I disabled the DVR on my OG Xbox when bf1 was already released, to support alleviate the constant frame drops and stuttering that I was getting every match. I left it disabled until my Samsung 850 Pro arrived 2 weeks later (November 2016). The SSD completely eliminated all frame drops and stuttering, in bf1, but also in every other game that I was running from SSD. Now i run ssd with Xbox one x, and pubg is an absolute blast!

I initially tried absolutely everything to solve the stuttering and fps issues when bf1 was initially released, speculate soon once i disabled the DVR, and it was really a massive improvement, I knew immediately that this issues were brought on by the slow ass HDD during the OG Xbox One. Crucial SSD’s will also be a decent selection for the OG Xbox, and are generally also very inexpensive at the moment.

(If you possess the DVR set to record the very last 30s, one example is, it should be constantly keeping the final 30s during a period and it puts massive force on the computer with slow storage. Disable the DVR, or get faster storage)

Disabling the DVR will not completely eliminate all stuttering/fps issues, even so it definitely makes a massive difference. Using faster storage (a half decent SSD) will completely eliminate issues, and that is exactly with the DVR enabled.

Whether this is often actually a solution for any bad performance on Microsoft’s console remains to be seen, even so it won’t hurt to examine if this improves performance available for you.

We covered you cannot performance and presentation on the game yesterday following Digital Foundry’s analysis of the game upon Xbox One X and Xbox One. “n relations to first impressions, PUBG is borderline horrendous C an assault of cheap artwork, jarring pop-in and disappointing performance. Input lag also feels off C whether that’s right down to deadzone issues on the analogue sticks or the variable frame-rate remains seen (it’s something we’re researching) plus in this respect not less than, is it doesn’t same story whether you’re gaming over a standard Xbox or even the X.” Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter wrote.

PUBG is obtainable now on PC and Xbox One.

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