Battlefield Bad Company 3 might the reality in Fall 2018. That’s according to YouTuber AlmightyDaq, who already leaked Battlefield 1 well before its announcement.

In a brand new video posted yesterday, AlmightyDaq says Battlefield Bad Company 3 will be the Battlefield game that DICE is preparing to be launched in late 2018.

To begin with, he explained there won’t be any from the loot box?shenanigans we’ve recently observed in DICE’s Rope Battlefront II, that is to be an attractive start.

With regards to the setting, AlmightyDaq declared that players can expect Vietnam and Cold War era weapons with greater customization options as opposed to ones in Battlefield 1.

Support, Engineer, Assault and Recon are actually confirmed as playable classes while vehicles like LAVs, tanks, and helicopters is going to be featured. Should the rumor has been to be believed, though, Battlefield Bad Company 3 would decrease encounter slightly as opposed to latest games inside franchise, favoring “tighter gameplay” over “all-out warfare”.

It is unclear whether it means a lesser cap of players from a match (Bad Company 2 had 24 players on consoles and 32 on PC) or otherwise not. A state reveal is predicted to take place at E3 2018 as usual, so we’re still a considerable ways off, but we’ll keep you posted should any more rumors and leaks arise, however.

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