One thing we appreciate about playing video games in 2016 is that often there are numerous high caliber games to choose from. Sadly, titles like Super Dungeon Bros remind me not all games are high caliber. In truth, some games aren’t even mediocre. The game takes facets of previous dungeon brawlers and demonstrates what they could well be like if they had repetitive level design, common commercially available characters and frequent technical difficulties.

Super Dungeon Bros can be a rock-themed dungeon brawler for as much as four players. Mounted in the an entire world of Rockheim, the game features three worlds: Cryptheim (an underground dungeon), Chillheim (an icy brewery) and Bogheim (a jungle teeming with poisonous plants and animals) each split up into several depths. Players begin a search with four hair band characters: Ozzie, Freddie, Lars and Axl (or their ‘broette’ variants). The characters are distinguishable by their colours but surprisingly, this can be the extent within their differences. The opening scene within the game gives players the impression that many character incorporates a strong personality, with Ozzie being labelled as “the resident joker during the pack” and Freddie not knowing the joy of fear. However, when actually playing the adventure, the characters lose all feeling of individuality, barring their irritating voice lines

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