I have got a soft spot for rhythm games. When you boil it to core components, gameplay is invariably several button presses, pressed at just the correct time, and rhythm games take this towards the natural conclusion, giving specific and varied cues and scoring you in accordance with your accuracy. It’s glorious. And so, it is no wonder that Nintendo’s Rhythm Paradise Megamix (or Rhythm Heaven, according to your geographical area) is actually a game I quite like tremendously.

So precisely what is Rhythm Paradise? It’s a mini-game collection, really, having a massive array of short but sweet rhythm games, played along to catchy tunes. It’s straightforward and driven along by the fun, but fairly loose, narrative. You meet Tibby, one small pink bear by having an afro bigger than his body, who have fallen from Rhythm Heaven. His goal is to go to a tower where they can be lifted back in Rhythm Heaven. In route you meet a full cast of, erm, colorful characters that stop you in your tracks, refusing to begin the best way forward until you complete four tasks

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