2016 has seen the latest surge in visibility with the Touhou franchise. Birthed within the mind of just one Japanese man (ZUN) and spun in a multimedia empire, the Touhou series has long been changed into animation, music, and fan-developed games. As being the third fan game to generally be announced to get a Us release at E3 2016, Scarlet Curiosity is often a rather curious seek to highlight a?series who has?only happen to be introduced to the series together with the fourteenth mainline title released a year ago.

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity’s emphasis on action and swordplay provides a sense closely resembling Nihon Falcom’s Ys series. These days when Usa gamers still need to wait to ever hear word if your eighth numbered Ys series will leave Japan, a lightweight substitute is undoubtedly in order. Just like Adol’s numerous adventures, both Remilia and Sakuya can jump, slash, and their dexterity to function in combat encounters between hordes of fodder enemies to series veteran bosses. A distinctive combo system can both increase the heroine’s damage output and chances for brand new loot.

Where Scarlet Curiosity’s combat truly shines is within the boss fights. Getting a wide range of inspiration on the mainline Touhou series, the few boss encounters that Remilia and Sakuya face are suffering from spell cards and screen-filling attacks. In keeping with Touhou, evading these attacks with grace and launching counter attacks just from the nick of their time are paramount to surviving. Almost all the boss fights the player must endure are generous with destructible pots that offer a chance to recover at the very least a sliver of life but that largely exists for a handicap for people who eat one so many bullets in a barrage.

Fans of loot-driven RPG’s with randomized points to wield may find plenty to collect in Scarlet Curiosity. As Sakuya’s stats don’t directly increase when her levels do, you need to keep one’s get ready to par. With three different inventory slots to gear up as well as a multitude of stats to juggle, knowing what you prioritized are usually completely crucial. Might you opt for a weapon with higher attack but never strikes a major hit, or possibly employ a different knife that unlocks a specialized attack skill but might reduce the proportion of items drops. Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity has never been stingy with all the loot and those that enjoy grinding away for bigger and superior loot will constantly find new pieces to have the cycle going.

With no selectable difficulty settings (or many other choices to tweak normally), Scarlet Curiosity is normally within the easier side of difficulty, save for everyone boss fights. For anyone searching for a deeper challenge, a multi-floor post-game dungeon offers all very reputable loot and enemy encounters from the whole game. The fact is, I’d dare declare that the extra content just after the ending credits first roll is substantially better than the game’s storyline.

Deep down inside Scarlet Mansion’s furthest floor hides the only most demanding fight in the game and another of the few boss fights that lasts over a little while to observe through. This secret cameo character’s attacks can knock the player outside in only a couple quick seconds and desires a deeper mystery of Scarlet Curiosity’s mechanics than everything else. Their true power is clear with a bonus secret where they might briefly be playable in case the player revisits the Scarlet Mansion’s entrance after completing the journey.

If someone was to ask me about what helps make the Touhou series so memorable, I would personally answer the music every single time. More than the characters or colorful bullet patterns, it’s Zun’s original creations as well as the fan remixes that held my affinity for the series. Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity contains a diverse number of remixed tracks for every dungeon with each individual boss fight amongst players. However, most of these tracks are better suited for the sport than the others. From time to time, the tunes will be ill-fitting and rather hit or miss based upon whereby the adventure it happened. Thankfully the creators picked an excellent remix of Flowering Night (Sakuya Izayoi’s stage theme) that occurs during essentially the most intense boss fights in Scarlet Curiosity.

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity does offer quite a few rough edges that also were not completely polished up because title’s PC debut at Comiket 86 eighteen months ago. Large expansive environments put in a playground to run around and attack but enemies are scattered about in smaller groups. This gives a lot of downtime an internet in making one’s way into the next checkpoint. Another quirk that hasn’t changed may be the strange palette of colors Scarlet Curiosity uses to create the whole world. Within a specific cavernous level, there is a light blue hue in all places. When playing as Sakuya who naturally features a blue costume, I frequently found myself losing on top of where she was during many of the more tense fights.

The controls on Playstation 4 are another rough location for Scarlet Curiosity. Could possibly loose feeling to navigating the few mandatory platforming sections that tricky affair. Jumps can be quite floaty which work effectively for hopping over enemy bullets and attacks however the more precise platforming segments require some very last minute wiggling to land properly.

Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity is probably a curious affair over the PlayStation 4. Over a console that hasn’t seen a mainline Touhou title before being released from a territory that hasn’t seen operate ZUN-developed Touhou titles either is a bit of a weird anomaly. Nice on the series has certainly bloomed in The united states over recent years, particularly for its music, and established fans are surely looking for whatever Touhou titles they can purchase. That is a rare sort of a sport developed purely because of the fans, to your fans. While Scarlet Curiosity is perhaps geared towards fans that already know just slightly concerning the Touhou lineage, those searching for a fun little diversion until Ys VIII reaches The usa probably will not be disappointed.

Review code supplied by the publisher. Game available on PlayStation 4.

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