I’ve always a slight love-hate relationship using the Final Fantasy series. As young’un, I felt a little alienated, as an N64 owner I never had admission to Final Fantasy VII or some of the other games my girlfriends laughed and said were amazing, Instead I simply must nod along while playing my Gamecube, as my pals smiled and told me that Final Fantasy X was, the fact is, great, despite half being about celebrities or something that is. As time went on I were enjoy the series in small bursts. Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy III once it heats up stumbled on DS, and quite a few recently Final Fantasy XV, we played above 100 hours of, despite a lot of the conditions game has.

So though my nostalgia for the series can be quite limited when compared to many, Apple fair amount of fondness correctly, like the pretty girl who works within the coffee shop who has a nice smile however, you only head to for coffee, no more. Now I’m with a date with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. She’s an absolute looker, stunning in everything she wears, and turns heads wherever we go. But rapidly fondness I felt from afar, having to get out of bed close and individual with my dear Dissidia has become a very mixed experience.

My first experience within Dissidia Final Fantasy NT took place that has a demo within a busy gaming expo

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