BioWare and Electronic Arts have announced the demo dates for Anthem ahead of its launch next month, and there’s special privileges if you pre-order the video game. Because naturally there are.?

The VIP Demo starts on January 25th and runs through until January 27th. To gain access to the VIP Demo you’ll either need to pre-order the video game, be an EA Access subscriber, or perhaps an Origin Access subscriber. For many people PS4 players this limits us to pre-orders as EA Access is merely situated on Xbox One, and Origin Access is proscribed to PC.

If you pre-order the overall game using the PlayStation Store you’ll automatically be within the VIP Demo. You won’t have to enter any codes, you’ll only need access to the demo if this goes live. However, should you pre-order via Amazon and other retailers, you’ll must enter a code that includes your pre-order.

For those who have fun with the VIP Demo, you’ll get an exclusive in-game item that’ll show the group that you were the first to try out the game’s demo. Yay?

If you don’t need to pre-order but nevertheless would like to try the overall game before selecting, the Demo runs from February 1st to February 3rd.

Anthem will release on PS4 on February 22nd, 2019. Pre-orders are, naturally, open.

Source: EA

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