Gran Turismo Sport will be obtaining a brand new update after this month, and based on the game’s producer,?Kazunori Yamauchi, we’ll get a number of new cars inside upcoming update.

The game’s producer took to Twitter to tease fans that eight new cars is going to be combined with the game’s roster and therefore the latest update will release on January 17th. The fresh cars probably won’t be the only new addendums to GT Sport as updates typically include news tracks, championships along with bits and bobs, as in previous updates.

If you’ve not played GT Sport, now could be probably as good an occasion as always to have involved. The sport is updated regularly since release with each and every new update adding increasingly more happy to the bottom game. Then there’s simple fact the experience is on discount sales regularly on the PlayStation Store and can also be found relatively inexpensively at retail or online.

Source: Twitter


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