A recent update to GTA Online has added a brand new car to your game’s lineup. But quick grown timbers . ride costing just fifty dollars shy of $2,000,000 importance of in-game currency, there’s something somewhat off regarding this. The simple truth is, the Itali is certainly one hell of an ride, nevertheless for all the wrong reasons.

Initially, things were looking positive; quite literally. But once the glitz within the sleek lines and attention to detail had worn off, many players were keen to express what is the news that at high speed broadband it had been nigh on impossible to operate a vehicle. The catch is further exaggerated because of the undulating nature of Los Santos, which sees the supercar aiming to donrrrt high-flyer.

It ends up that as it negotiates the bumps, it loses its stability as well as being left looking, and feeling, as though the whole suspension is manufactured out of gummy bears. There’s one word notably that is certainly getting batted around, that is ‘bouncy’. And that’s not something you are inclined to look for in a car…

Now, it’s only fair to state that there are experienced drivers whorrrre cruising around like Lewis Hamilton. But they are definitely within the minority.

In the meantime, people are debating whether they’re happy to do without a couple of million at a stunning motor in the hope that Rockstar fix the handling. It’s a difficult sell, to put it mildly, whilst it does look fantastic. We can’t help but feel, however, they’d need to be splashing their funds on the Pegassi or Ocelot. Or waiting a lttle bit, at the very least. 20-ish is significantly dropping on something that’s mostly unsuited to your terrain.

Have you taken the Itali GTO for just a spin in GTA Online, or has it taken you? Hit the gas and boing a comment our way.?

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