In a move which was confirmed yet not rationalised, the Lego Lord in the Rings and Lego The Hobbit games are already taken out of the PlayStation Store. And also by the noise of it, the move is permanent.

The Middle Earth parodies are actually missing for a few days already, by claiming their departure coincided using the dawning of 2019. You might need so, we were able to possibly assume, rightly, the move can be due to the finite nature of licencing agreements which have now reached their end.

However, all this is definitely speculation very little is claimed publicly. And publisher Warner Bros. weren’t much help, either, releasing these statement:

“Lego Jesus of your Rings and Lego The Hobbit do not be for sale accessible in digital stores.

“The games will remain in players’ libraries whenever they already own them.”

So, there now we have it. Both games go, also it doesn’t could be seen as they’re finding their way back anytime soon. No less than you need to be able to still get them physically – either second-hand, or until stocks come to an end (should it be, indeed, a licence thing).

Are you crying bricks? And have you already witnessed the actual Gandalf the Great-ness of those games? Build us a comment within the Shire below.

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