Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive announced today the upcoming relieve of the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection for PS4. There wasn’t much else for the announcement, unfortunately, but that’s what are the results when you undertake it which has a single bloody tweet.

We’ve since received the pr release from Warner Bros. and IOI, so now we’ve got a bit more detail regarding the upcoming remasters. You will find, they are really remasters in line with the wording on the press release. They’ll be getting the 4K/60fps treatment with updated textures, lighting and control schemes to install present day gamer. It’s also noted that your collection won’t be accessible at retail, if you decide to had expectations in displaying another box for your gaming wall of glory, reconsider that thought.

The package will be available as being a digital download and it’ll run you 44.99/ very similar to your neighborhood currency. It’s possible the action could easily get a retail release afterwards as well as the moment it’s digital only.

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