Marvel’s Spider-Man was an undoubtedly popular online game, making most important during the charts during its opening week. Require latest statistics show exactly how much fans were ingested in via the arachno-rogue. Get it?

According towards data collected by PSNProfiles, 10 percent of most swingers nabbed the platinum trophy. That’s ten percent of the tight-clad DS4 clutching spider in existence! And almost double the amount of rate of other popular titles that are out nigh on 2 yrs.

Now, it’s public knowledge that finding the platinum isn’t the most difficult of tasks. Simply complete the many story, side missions along with what not, and it’s yours. Nevertheless it still demands a 100% completion, which happens to be not even close grind-less, even if you do reach swing on the rooftops.

There’s no denying that trophies are everywhere in PlayStation games as of late. Obtain a bobblehead; employ a trophy. Get eaten by way of piranha plant; possess a trophy. Win the Champion’s League; have a… Okay, point taken.

Sometimes trophies really are a necessity greater than a luxury, but sometimes it’s almost as if developers have decided for a set number to incorporate before they will begin. As well as outcome is a dull, choring marathon derived from one of side on the map to another, looking to seize the very last few that eluded your playthrough.

But assuming that the trophy hunters remain, or maybe the likes of me who can’t settle unless effectiveness percentage is maxed out, these little items of digital metalware will keep to entice. And games like Spider-Man may pass away the bug to a completely crowd. Aku-Aku, make them.?

Are your one out of the ten who totally beat Spider-Man? Can be it ‘platinum smatinum’ in your own opinion? Fling a cob-ment into your box below.

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