With Sony’s PlayStation Now (PS Now) service gaining a tad bit more within the public mind share now that it enables players to download PS4 games, much like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, it’s only right that others are starting to question the service. The amount of games are there? Will be the streaming good? How many games are added each month? These are generally all queries I’ve been asked by my local freinds, and one advisors discovered a unique advert to your service about the PlayStation Store website:

At first glance, it seems to imply that 31 new games are added each and every month. And this my not-so-clued up mate was asking about. He wished to determine whether 31 new games were added month to month. Certainly, 31 new games are usually not added month to month, but on the average filthy casual (which had been a joke) who doesn’t have their own finger about the gaming pulse, it might seem to be a really, great offer. I had been even fooled only a few seconds, before I realised that 31 is an extremely odd number (double meaning!) of games to increase the service each month – that will the actual fact it type of seems like it’s from a calendar? Nevertheless, it’s not accurate plus its a bit misleading.

So if you’ve came across this content whilst looking for “the Now Nintendo PlayBox streaming service”, you won’t get 31 new games monthly. Heck, we’re lucky so you can get half that quantity, but that’s another story for another day. Naturally, though, I’ve filed a complaint using the Advertising Standards Authority in great britain, with respect to those who don’t know any benefit.

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