Paradox Interactive has announced that Surviving Mars will soon be receiving its first expansion update available as Surviving Mars: Space Race.

The new expansion will turn things around a bit more and you in direct competition with all the other countries of Earth. You’ll ought to colonise Mars whilst competing to your limited resources our planet provides.

The developer was kind enough to summarise the crucial element things about Surviving Mars: Space Race, from the tender would be the key details:

  • A Challenger Appears: Compete for milestones, already limited resources, and anomalies with any other AI colonies backed by rival sponsors trying to set roots on Mars and vie to become this planet’s superpower. You possibly can trade with, be affected by distress involves, issue distress calls to, and in some cases steal important colonists from all of these competitor colonies while you establish your territory on Mars.
  • Earth to Mars, repeat, Earth to Mars: It doesn’t matter how deep wide you decide to go, you gotta stick to the money. Each sponsor incorporates its own sets of Challenges to try and do just like you further their individual goals for colonization.
  • Represent the Dome Team: Each sponsor has their own unique vehicle and building that just their colonies can construct and benefit from into their mission. Express the distinctiveness within your space-faring conglomerate in and out of this domes.
  • New Money, New Problems: Meet two new players inside the fight to the final frontier. Japan and Brazil have become available as innovative mission sponsors and therefore are able to move heaven and Mars in making their mark!
  • Expect the Unexpected: Experience narrative events throughout your colonization process that help reveal the realities of life in the dome and challenge your management techniques.

Surviving Mars released trapped on video tape to pretty decent reviews, especially from Pure PlayStation. If you’ve yet to offer this management sim a trial, have a very read of my review through here.?

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