It’s been an aching point for PlayStation users from the time that Sony launched the PlayStation Network hundreds of years back. Lots who opted in for the service 12 in the past may certainly be regretting their collection of username. Hey, it takes place. 12 years back I have been an exotic teenager, too, on the other hand as a minimum had the foresight not to have got a totally stupid PSN name.

For others, though, it’s less simple and easy and they are a bit embarrassed about being XoXPussySlayerXoX, but not a way to swap it there’s no other to do.

That may perhaps be gonna alternation in the forthcoming, if the report by Kotaku has been to be believed. In accordance with the outlet, multiple developers have confirmed that they’re actively working together with the knowledge that PSN name changes shall be coming soon. Apparently the internet site even had a look at an inside Sony document that confirms PSN name changes are coming.

While it’s still a rumour at this moment, There’s no doubt that we could all assume the feature will likely be being released in the longer term. Maybe it’ll even drop before Christmas, allowing us all to modify our names to something slightly holier than XxX420-Granny-BangerXxX.

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