The Telltale Games saga just continues going, and unfortunately it’s not got going in the right direction. After reducing the vast majority of its workforce, the developer kept hold of a few developers in order to finish off one more season of The Walking Dead, and also some other contractual obligations.

However, that has gone down the lavatory as the remaining personnel has revealed on Twitter that the skeleton crew continued now has been laid off.

Heeeeyyyy remember how there’s likely to be a skeleton crew staying on for quite a while we was aspect of it? Nah, jk, many of us just adopted let go, too.

– Retchel Necronoelicon (@anameformyself) October 4, 2018

Word online is the fact that Telltale was ready for an outside development house to hire its former employees at a contract basis so that you can down a final two installments of The Walking Dead’s final season. While there’s nothing official being announced I feel we could safely think Telltale Games won’t be releasing many methods from here on out. Here’s hoping hundreds of poor buggers who’ve lost their jobs find 1 fast.

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