The developers of GRIP: Combat Racing have dropped the latest trailer today within a soundtrack announcement. They’ve already just acquired eleven new tracks through the label, Hospital Records. This brings the full wide variety of songs to 24.

Both sides with the agreement are very pleased. Within a statement from Hospital Records, Megan Bean, the pinnacle of economic Affairs & Sync, said,?”We’re excited to get our producers featured for the awesome new?GRIP: Combat Racing?game”. GRIP’s director, Chris Mallinson, was equally complimentary. He was quoted saying,?”We’re super excited to have Hospital Records fully briefed, bringing their industry-leading line-up to?GRIP: Combat Racing?and joining forces along with the rest in our great soundtrack roster. The world thinks players will love pumping the tunes we have now inside the game”.

Here are amongst the tracks. I don’t want to find out who they are to savor them at several hundred mph, but you cool kids probably will recognize several of the names.

  • Battery x Makoto “Submerge
  • Krakota x Urbandawn “Coyote”
  • Inja x Pete Cannon “War Games” (Instrumental)
  • Krakota “Citadels
  • Royalston “Diorama
  • Rawtekk “Restless
  • Whiney “Sunday Grunge
  • Whiney “Talisman
  • Lynx “Clap Track

You can check out a sample inside trailer over the rest the article. If you purchase the collector’s edition of your game, you will get the soundtrack in three different forms, great for multiple generations. You are going to recieve an MP3 version, a CD, in addition to a double vinyl version. They don’t list whether which is 180g, but the truth is can look into the full list of items inside the collector’s edition here. You may purchase some art, DLC, a USB drive, cards, with an actual paper manual among other things. That double vinyl continues to be star within the collection that runs $100.99 or?76.66, and is also limited to 300.

Music is vital in games, and racing games ought to blend the rhythms and melodies to help keep your heart thumping while you round that curve. If you want everything you hear, GRIP: Combat Racing will release on November 6th.

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