It was announced today that 2K Games and Gearbox Software will probably be releasing Borderlands 2 VR later this current year for PSVR. That’s all good. It’s not just a stripped back sort of the video game – it’s the total single-player experience. Oh, yeah, there’s no multiplayer.

Do guess what else isn’t part of the seminal first-person shooter and looter? PSVR Aim support. Do you know what is roofed amongst players? Free movement. What happens else is roofed amongst gamers? Support for PS Move wands. Yes, something doesn’t quite total correctly.

The only controller, other than the DualShock 4, that may really enable you to move with anything resembling wilful movement is the PSVR Aim controller, yet it won’t be supported in Borderlands 2 on PSVR. Why? Why?! WHY?!!!

It literally makes no sense. The damn thing was created with these kinds of game under consideration. It’s the best match. It’d often be a little weird keeping the PSVR Aim controller employed for pistols, but that’s where the PS Move wand support might be used. Simply keep the wand staying with you or on your side and – BAM – you just got who you are a tasty part of sidearm action.

My main gripe is the fact that I spent a stupid income for this peripheral and it’s slowly gathering dust. That dust will be removed whenever i finally go around to Firewall Zero Hour, but that’s near point. My point is myself yet others bought the plastic peripheral within the good faith not wearing running shoes would be a viable control alternative for first-person shooters. Instead we’re getting nothing with Borderlands 2. That the adventure will support free movement yet not the PSVR Aim controller is mental. It’s like endeavoring to rake leaves with a shovel if your rake is appropriate there; it’ll do, even so it may be been so cool.

It wouldn’t be fair will be able to continue this little rant without acknowledging the good work produced by a small amount of developers. Companies Farpoint, Firewall Zero Hour, and Dick Wilde all utilise the strengths within the PSVR Aim controller to present players improved controls, immersion, or just simply more variety in gameplay. The developers that use the more time and energy to implement PSVR Aim support are usually rewarded well from the PSVR’s small but loyal community. Just look on the PSVR subreddit and you’ll find praise for games that take player interaction in mind when it comes to control input methods. Also a mediocre game might be dramatically improved by using PSVR Aim controller support, therefore it baffles me why that option isn’t available.

Still, it’s beginning yet as well as the game isn’t even near to launch. After we put our heads together and have the developers be aware that we would like it, maybe, just maybe they’ll cave to your demands. But only if we ask nicely, folks, you don’t have to be horrible – it’s simply gaming.


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