It seems to be forever since Media Molecule announced Dreams for PS4, though the light with the tunnel is to get slightly brighter. We’ve been awaiting a beta only for as long, too, but it really is not released, inspite of the many promises.

The fantastic news, then, is that Media Molecule insists that the Dreams PS4 beta will probably be released eventually this year. Actually talking to GameInformer, Media Molecule’s Alex Evans declared the beta will likely be released later this season and therefore all creations made in the beta period will carry over for the game’s full release. There’s still no official release date, though, so don’t get too excited.

Considering there’s little with this year left, it won’t certainly be a wait until we’re all drawing jumping willys in Dreams. Or perhaps is that me?

What isn’t clear, however, can be PSVR support will probably be available within the beta. It had become previously announced that Dreams would support PSVR gameplay from the start of the company’s full release, but I’d enjoy travelling to how it runs in PSVR prior to when the game hits shelves – and I’m guessing I’m not alone with that one.

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