Those of folks with poor web connections have barely finished downloading October’s PS Plus freebies, yet if you have with November’s goodies already leaked.

The leak comes due to Sony itself for the reason that official PlayStation site is displaying an enormous header image with November’s free games listed. The graphic, which is up above, demonstrates that Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition and Yakuza Kiwami is going to be November’s free PS Plus games on PS4.

There’s little else to talk about, is there? The smoking gun has been found in Sony’s hands, so there’s no real reason to doubt it. However, things could easily change between now and then month. There’s and also the slight chance that this is undoubtedly an error on Sony’s side, or some nerd hacked the site to help get PlayStation fans hyped. You never know. In the meantime let’s just enjoy what’s coming this month and after that we’ll check if this pans in early November.

This isn’t initially that Sony has accidentally leaked its announcements. January 2018’s PS Plus games were leaked in December recently by Sony’s own Facebook advertising, there is really a precedent.

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