If Rogue Legacy and also the Legend of Zelda: One of the links into the Past a baby, does one prefer to play that game? That is the hope of Merge Games mainly because it brings its “approachable roguelite” action game, Sparklite, to your PS4 next season. The nonspecific release date was announced after the partnership was formed with Red Blue Games to create the title.

In Sparklite, you’re an engineer named Ada. Gremlins are destroying the earth (and also you thought it becomes zombies) instead of the magical rocks which give mafia wars its name. They power the globe, and also the planet is pissed. Earthquakes force the world to shift and wide open new quests for Ada. (Spoiler alert, Ada. Expose these to sunlight, and you’ll be home by dinner.)

The gameplay is actually a mix of ideas. It’s a roguelite, but it still retains an adventure game heritage. There’s a mixup on the levels to keep things feeling fresh, nonetheless am not reading something that says it’s so faithfully it cuts diamonds. Ada’s an engineer. She might use her noggin to make weapons and tools to resolve problems somehow.

Check out of trailer for many pixel-y, world-saving action.

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