Speed Brawl describes itself for a combat-racer; the steampunk lovechild of Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage. Due to its gorgeous animated art style and stressful, momentum-based combat, it delivers during this promise with buckets of fashion and personality.

Following an attractively animated intro cinematic, you will be made aware of Ebba and Bia, the initial a pair of six unique brawlers you can unlock all over the game. Speed Brawl’s tag team mechanic enhances the flow of the game’s combat, letting you switch characters mid-combo and blend encourage fighting style which includes a secondary character. Dashes, wall jumps and pole swings among your flurry of punches and kicks create fast, frenetic combat, additionally, the addition of triggerable traps and impressive, screen-clearing special moves let you dispatch foes with efficiency and elegance.

Consisting of four leagues, you work your way up through the underbelly of your dystopian London to prove your team because best fighters around. The villains and allies you meet as you go along are typically distinct and well crafted, with lots of personality, humour and inventive cockney rhyming slang. As well as the game’s anime-inspired art style is expertly realised and it is colourful characters and bold combat effects pop from the earthy tones for each stages richly detailed background.

The core championships hit a well balance difficulty curve, offering the right amount of challenge as you level up skills and unlock new gear. An array of side content through challenge stages offer both gameplay variety plus an possiblity to accumulate more experience, gold and equipment. In the combatless Sonic-inspired pole races towards the rage challenges which have you constructing a combo to fill a rage meter, these challenges are a welcome change from the typical formula of the core levels.

The crucial for high quality combat-centric game can be a system which is effortless to learn but tough to master. And if you want to get gold in every championship and challenge Speed Brawl can give, you will need to perfect the game’s deceptively deep and nuanced combat system. Gaining momentum is a breeze, but keeping it up with speed, efficiency and type is the place where the real challenge lies. Nevertheless for those seeking some arcadey fun, the sport does a wonderful job of developing you feel powerful and skillful besides a base perception of its mechanics.

Each character within your roster has their very own feel, skill tree and special moves. Each combination come together from a unique way, and finding your prefered pairings adds another layer of personalisation atop gear and skill loadouts. Many different enemy types which force you to think immediately and adapt your approach keep combat engaging, plus some intense boss fights ramp up task further. The trail from a initial lessons in the Tenpenny league to becoming champion within the Crown league swallows a good 10 hours, and with a wealth of challenge stages and the immense task of getting gold in every single event this period is doubled.

The inclusion of both internet and couch coop definitely makes the high-octane brawling action a lot more hectic. Blasting through challenges in couch coop is great fun, and regardless of the odd onscreen chaos always manages to remain legible. The battle is however scaled, requiring each of you to be on top form when you are planning for gold, even so the difficulty remains accessible for pick-up-and-play sessions that has a friend.

Speed Brawl stands out among countless other games of its ilk. Its and delicate combat system makes maintaining flow and attaining gold an addictive and compulsive pursuit, while snappy writing and a beautifully illustrated art style bring its world to life with personality and type.

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Speed Brawl PS4 Review
  • 8/10

    Overall – Fantastic – 8.0/10



Speed Brawl sticks out among so many others games love it. Its unique and refined combat system makes maintaining flow and attaining gold an addictive and compulsive pursuit, while snappy writing in addition to a beautifully illustrated art style bring its world one’s with personality kind.

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