Minecraft hasn’t had as many spin-offs while we can have expected; Mojang truly must be very adept at keeping their base audience hooked entertained and drawing in new crowds. Nonetheless the studio have recently announced a completely new title based on their hit blockbuster, only this one requires a more traditional solution to gameplay.

Minecraft: Dungeons will certainly be a top down dungeon crawler, featuring every one of your favourite critters in the namesake. The entire world will, obviously, be made with those infamous blocks and is tackled in either a solo effort or team attack with as much as three others. However there’s a catch.

So far the action just has been announced for PC with out suggestion has been produced as to if it’ll be making the leap to consoles. It can be going to be out next season so there’s still some time for the update. But in the meantime we’ll simply have to keep our ears open and you’ll must look out on Pure PlayStation.

Are which you Minecraft addict, glad to find out the video game having a more story based approach? Or do you think you’re already at loggerheads along with your offspring over its dubious educational benefit, and desire may well demolish itself forever? Create a comment in the box below.

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