It’s besides Fortnite and Rocket League which might be mumbling about cross play, especially now Sony take modest backtrack into their armoured stance. The king of the profession, Minecraft, are themselves aiming to the future. Even though they don’t have a lot of to express since yet.

If you remember, it had become Minecraft’s Better Together update and Sony’s refusal to make usage of it that started the whole cross play shenanigans to start with. Over time, it become a lot more unlikely that your feature would ever land on the PS4. Not less than, until today. Using the scheduling with the Fortnite Beta, gamers start to see a glimmer of sunshine right after the tunnel. So long as it isn’t the 12.50 to PlayStation-no-cross-play Town…

Speaking to Windows Central earlier inside the week, the group behind the blockbuster said the subsequent:

“We are supportive of recent scenarios which allow workout . to play and have fun together while gaming. We would enjoy to bring players on PS4 into our Minecraft ecosystem at the same time but do not have anything further to talk about presently.”

Now we house which has isn’t a headline maker but it’s at the least confirmation that they’re still trying. Absolutely nothing impossible as well as commitment is usually there to the team’s side so we only hope Sony follow suit. The one sore point can be their necessity for a third party, and in it a competitor’s, log in. But where there’s a will there’s the easiest way, right?

Which game are you presently most longing for playing cross play? Or are you presently glad friends are stuck on another platform since they suck??

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