Today, the Fleeting Glory unique form of Fate/EXTELLA LINK was announced by XSEED Games. It will eventually include the game, the soundtrack, 3″ by 5″ cards for the new Servants, a 4″ by 3″ diorama with three with the female Servants, in addition to a 17″ by 24″ cloth poster. This edition will cost you $79.99, although regular PS4 physical and digital versions costs $49.99. The digital-only PS Vita version are going to be $39.99.

Fate/EXTELLA LINK will pick up following era of Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star. The sixteen original Servants will return and even ten new Servants, including Francis Drake, Scathach, and Astolfo. Because the embodiment of the will to rule, they will likely protect SE.RA.PH. whilst your digital domain. (Remember that, it is sensible from the game.)

Small Japanese developers and publishers are pushing out some very unique limited editions for niche games. If you have any interest, you should really check them out. In order to see more information on Fate/EXTELLA LINK and it’s limited edition, you may please click here and investigate a clip from E3 towards the top of this great article.

Although we don’t experience an official release date yet, it will be easy to experience Fate/EXTELLA LINK during the first quarter of 2019.

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