Sony will toss the kids over the river today mainly because it announced it may well stop protecting them within the hazards of cross-platform gaming. C’mon, I had for making that joke ultimately.

From today, PS4 players are able to play alongside players on PC, Switch, Xbox One, Mac, iOS, and Android, though it’ll basically be in Fortnite. In a statement released to the official PlayStation Blog, SIE CEO John Kodera announced that cross-platform play will be applying Fortnite today for an open beta, and this prestashop holder will likely be examining other third-party games down the road.

It’s also noted that although you’ll be able to play Fortnite with players on other platforms, the cross-platform features include gameplay, commerce, and progression – whatever was formerly extremely hard for PS4 players. Which means you can engage in on the run together with your mobile, and then continue back from home on the console usually chosen or PC. You’ll also be able to use your precious V-Bucks to whichever console or device you would like to play on.

It’s been an aching talking point for Sony over the last year, especially with the excitement of Fortnite, though the company has finally caved in consumer demand. Well done everybody. Done well indeed.

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