After two days of speculation, we can easily finally say DiRT Rally 2.0 is an activity. And this thing is prepared to rev its engines next February.

The more simulation-centric title will again gain benefit from the World Rallycross Championship’s licence to have eight official tracks to your lounges. As well as try and recreate numerous locations from the main tournament sport, including far-flung places like Australia, Argentina and Nz.

The only fly about the windscreen, as we say, is the main game’s director, Paul Coleman, left the studio trapped on tape. He was credited with being liable for the original’s authenticity, which raises a few pre-determined questions over the second will compare. But DiRT Rally’s USP versus Dirt 4 was on its steep learning curve and unforgiving controls, so that the studio are able to do it will always be continue with that trend. Can be.

Further information is yet to be released, but we perform no less than have got a launch date – DiRT Rally 2.0 will probably be drifting on to consoles February 26th 2019. Have your windscreen wipers available!

You required it. We’re here to generate.

DiRT Rally 2.0 C coming 26th February 2019 ??

– Codemasters (@Codemasters) September 26, 2018

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