Yesterday we reported about the cryptic tweet that had been doing the rounds over on Codemasters official and affiliated Twitter accounts. Today we variety of another message, which includes provided us with the perfect opportunity and a date to find out about what it is they’re hiding.

In case you missed it, yesterday the studio circulated this quick message that had little apparent meaning. Although the simple ‘2.0’ was enough to stir up a great many possibilities, cover anything from the nonsensical into the sublime. Some suggested Formula 2 is included in their greatly revered F1 title and still provide a method of climbing the ranks. Others considered a revival of the Grid franchise that’s got lost favour on this current generation. But in the conclusion there’s merely one possible outcome.

After identical tweet cropped high on the page of World Rallycross, everyone was believing that DiRT Rally 2 was able to hit the world stage. And after this it looks almost like a confirmation can be a mere formality after another tweet went live. The newest message simply read ‘26/09/2018. 10:30 BST’, and was that has a rally car’s headlights from a low light setting.? We could be no Sherlock Holmes but that’s pretty definite.

Therefore, it appears just as if, in barely over twelve hours, we’ll be drooling over another Subaru Impreza, wanting to remember ways to do this Scandinavian flick. Either that or Uber has changed their marketing strategy…

Are you losing your grip on reality over the possible announcement of DiRT Rally 2? Throw on some proper tyres and donuts a comment or two in the box.?


26/09/2018. 10:30 BST. #NotAfraid

– DiRT (@dirtgame) September 25, 2018

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