There’s little to write with this week relating to PlayStation Store sales, at the least not here in britain and Europe. While Canada and america is obtaining a nice little sale operating forms of offers, us Europeans are still merely a number of new discounts this week.

The big named discount now is Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 which, I’m sure, is because of its lowest ever PSN price: 15.99. That’s an excellent price if you’re only serious about getting stuck into the single player content, however if you’re needing to play internet and start your criminal enterprise then you’ll probably get yourself a little extra value right out of the various Premium Online editions of GTA V. All of the Premium Online editions consist of in-game credit, the amount obviously varies dependant upon which bundle you obtain.

There couple of more deals that can be had if you’re not looking for wanton mayhem. Absolver: Downfall have been reduced by 50% while Surviving Mars has dropped from 34.99 to 24.99 – a worthy game for fans of management games. Speaking of which, the Surviving Mars and Cities: Skylines duo-pack has additionally given a compact discount, since it’s worth a glance if that’s what you’re into.

You can look at latest deals through here, of course, if you’re needing PSN credit, head here to bag some from Amazon.

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