Good news, shutterbugs. Metro Exodus have a photo mode on release day. The increasingly common feature will help you capture the cold, the monsters, and desolation with this very anticipated sequel. Together with the graphical improvements in Exodus, there ought to be numerous lovely screenshots to share with you, and you could undertake it through the start.

This week will see a new Metro Exodus announcement on a daily basis. For that peek, tomorrow i will employ a story trailer to express, so check back with us, won’t you?

If you’re living in the cage, Metro Exodus is the third game within the FPS series depending on novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. After facing lots or perils, Artyom and some Spartan Rangers are heading across Russia for a train to find a much better life. That journey is told over a complete year each and every season bringing it’s own weather and day/night cycle. Every day life is hard, as well as your choices will impact the lives of the fellow survivors. So, no pressure.

Metro Exodus will launch last month 15th.

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