Anyone who played Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors back on the old SEGA CD won’t doubt have fond memories from the mini-games found in the bonkers release. One such mini-game is Desert Bus – an activity that tasks you with driving a bus from Tuscon to Nevada. And that’s it. It’s as inoffensive as games may get, really, as all you could do is drive a bus in a maximum speed of 45mph. You don’t run anyone down. You don’t race anybody else. You don’t even see some other person. You might begin to see the occasional rock if you’re focusing – and it’s be paying attention as being the bus veers slightly right just in case going off the road you’ll be towed back in Tuscon. In real-time. Oh, along with the game can’t be paused.

The game would have been a cheeky little commentary whenever it released made use of when SEGA used to be during the console arms race, but it’s still variety of relevant now; you cannot assume all games are hyper violent. Some are just… tedious. It literally takes 8 hours of non-stop play to drive a car your bus from Tuscon to Las vegas, nv, and in case you complete your journey you’ll purchase a point. One point. Making the return trip you can get another point. What do the points mean? Nothing!

The odd mini-game recently been rated for your PSVR release from the PEGI ratings board, so it’s likely to hit the PSN sometime soon. It shouldn’t cost far too much, mind you, considering the game can be purchased to download at no cost on PC.

The PEGI rating notes that it’s being provided by Gearbox Publishing which features a release date of 31/12/2018. That’s obviously wrong, so look here on Pure PlayStation for lots more on this Game of 4 seasons 2019 material.

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