Well, a lot of while using the rumor. Over the past weekend, a special Legend of Zelda concert took part in Japan, and throughout it, Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma made stage and noted that what “fans wanted” was?Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch, which in fact had a major pop while using the crowd, and spread like wildfire online to generate many ponder whether Nintendo actually was aiming to bring the beloved Zelda title towards Switch.

It made sense, we have seen loads of ports planing a trip to the Switch, and plenty of Zelda games have gotten upgrades and remaster treatments recently. But, Eurogamer actually reached out over Nintendo relating to this rumor/statement and heard this in reply:

While “as of this time” obviously doesn’t mean forever, it is a bit of one’s downer. In actual fact, many people really liked Skyward Sword, and employing it the Nintendo Switch would definitely be another million seller with the system, which dominated the previous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

But for reasons unknown, they’re not game for doing this, at the very least not necessarily. Perhaps it is because they’re focusing on the sequel to Breath while using Wild, or perhaps they just don’t think it’ll turn into good fit around the Switch enjoy visiting .. That knows, but we might not less than this rumor to go to sleep, albeit sadly.

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