When you consider good xbox game teams, you can hunt for all those who have gone far beyond the decision relating to their titles. Therefore,?Platinum Games is often a type of particular teams. Because of only do they really target excellence, they must make games that are will vary. From Vanquish, to Wonderful 101, Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and more, they’ve done a lot. The includes a good relationship with Nintendo, which relationship is extremely growing.

We might know your team is making Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch, it actually was revealed costs year from the Game Awards. However, a different rumor from source “Leaky Pandy” that’s friends committed to finding rumors for example prefer which includes noted that:

That’s a really interesting reveal, when that’s true, not alone would that mark the second time that Platinum has generated two unique titles for Switch (Bayonetta 2 and Wonder 101 were on Switch), but it looks to depict that Platinum is gravitating to Nintendo a great deal more compared to the other platforms. At the least, if this sounds genuine that is.

The question then becomes, “What games will they be making?” It’s possible if a port, but that doesn’t seem like their style. Do you find it Wonderful 102? Or perhaps a fresh IP? The sun’s rays may be a limit with Platinum Games. We’ll will just see that which you reveal.

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