Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a month away, and everyone is celebrating with their ways. Some are counting off purchasing before game arrives. Others are handling what they’re gonna do after they purchase the game, or who they’re preparing to play as. And some…well…they’re stirring the pot…within both fun and epic ways…one of which is Dragon Ball GT related.

You see, Nintendo released the “final” trailer to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and it in addition shows the characters from the war against 1 another. Well, fans look at the recording and putting different soundtracks behind it, and it’s actually rather awesome. But now…Funimation is in about the act, and film for that theme song of Dragon Ball GT.

Naturally, this is often getting fans many excited, not minimally the reality that is they many hope that Goku appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate by DLC Fighter Pack. The truth is, no confirm anything…but it’s cool none the less. It’s also interesting the way that they would makes use of the?theme song for the most hated of your Dragon Ball shows. But, it’s likely it’s what design worked the very best while using the video.

Do you wish Goku in Smash Bros? Inform me within the comments below.

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